“Le Petit Dru” hotel


9am to 10:30am

Monday & Wednesday

“Le Petit Dru” hotel


7pm to 8:30pm


La salle des fêtes

Saint Jeoire

6:30pm to 8pm

A yoga class will take you to an introspection, to a listening of your internal landscape.

During the course I try to bring each person to an introspection, to a listening of his interior landscape.

I prepare and test my classes in advance.

All classes are different, depending on the time.

By observing  people present  I can change the intensity or the postures according to the energy of the group.
I correct mostly by my voice without naming anyone in particular, I can also show the path of posture indicated manually while respecting the privacy of each and without pushing.

We all have a different anatomy, we all have wounds, it seems more correct to me to let each person make his way towards the posture.