Pregnancy Yoga
Baby Yoga & Postnatal Yoga
Relaxing moment for you
and your baby

Yoga helped me a lot in relieving discomfort during my pregnancy such as heavy legs, backache and shortness of breath … Now I enjoy practicing Baby Yoga with my son which allows him to become aware of his body and at the same time permitting me some time to focus on my own stretching and strengthening.

Pregnancy Yoga class :

Monday 17 to 18

At Morzine Yoga Studio 85, route de la Manche 

Prices : 13€ or

55€ for 5 classes tu use in Pre & Post natal

Baby Yoga & Postnatal class :

Monday the 2nd of march 13:45 to 15:15

At Morzine Yoga Studio 85, route de la Manche

Price : 16€

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After the birth of my son I realised that it was just as important to look after the mother as it is your newborn:

in prenatal you become conscious that in taking care of yourself you are also taking care of your unborn baby.
in postnatal can be a sensitive period where we can feel isolated and want to get out and about and do activities with our new baby.