~ Always different courses,
adjusted according to the energy of the group !
~ 10 people maximum per classes.
~ Contact me by phone or by mail
to book your place.

Monday 7pm

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Hotel Le Petit Dru

Friday 9am

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Hotel Le Petit Dru

Wednesday 7pm

Hatha Flow / Vinyasa

Hotel Le Petit Dru

Friday 6:30pm

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Salle des fêtes de Saint Jeoire

A yoga class will take you to an introspection, to a listening of your internal landscape.

During the course I try to bring each person to an introspection, to a listening of his interior landscape.

I prepare and test my classes in advance.

All classes are different, depending on the time but also I let my intuition guide me, I observe people present and I change the intensity or the postures according to the energy of the group.
I correct mostly by my voice without naming anyone in particular, if I see that it does not work I repeat it again and if I really see that the person does not perceive what I say, then I come to them, respecting there privacy and without pushing them towards the advised posture. We all have a different anatomy, we all have wounds, it seems more correct to me to let each person make his way towards the “final” posture.

   Hatha Yoga : HA means -sun- and THA means -moon- YOGA is -union- it’s meaning ” the union of duality”.

This is the ancient traditional yoga practice since thousands of years. In this class we hold the postures for around 3-4 minutes. We work on the superficial muscles, building strength and stretch all our body. This practice allows us to focus and balance. We also do breathing exercice to control the mind.

For a person who want to start Yoga, it’s nice to start by Hatha Yoga, to experience the essence of postures .

It’s a complete practice for people who wants to work deep within the body.

   Vinyasa Yoga : NYASA means -to place- VI means -in a special way- we create one movement for one breath.

We combine the postures from Hatha Yoga with the breath within a gentle flow.

   Yin Yoga : Every 1st monday of each month we will practice Yin Yoga. YIN is the moon side, the quiet space in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice is for all levels ; we hold the postures with pruposes for around 5 minutes . We want a total relaxation of the muscles. We provide a ” good stress ” for your congnitive tissue (bones, ligaments, fascia…). We carry out postures who stimulate the body in different way than other yoga styles.
It’s a quite practice which leads you into deep relaxation.

Yoga rooms adresses :

Hôtel Le Petit Dru 289 route des Putheys 74110 Morzine

Salle des fêtes 73 Place Germain Sommeiller 74490 Saint Jeoire